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To provide a unique environment where folks who have experienced trauma can openly and safely talk. We strive to respect, validate, and learn from each other.


Achieving our goal requires cooperative collaboration amongst members and staff. Members posts remain appropriate and relevant to topics. Terms of Service are clearly posted to help members maintain the dignity of the board. Members of this group are at a stage in their healing to independently regulate their own behavior, as well as keeping themselves safe while on the forums. Staff regularly monitor posts and replies to ensure the board remains a safe and comfortable environment of learning for everyone.

As a friendly and kind community, we validate each other as equally special and significant.

These forums are active and the community not too large or too small - about 400 posts per day. There are many forums on different topics. The topics range in subject matter also. You are welcome to interact as you feel comfortable.

This is a safe place for members. We encourage building coping skills, learning from each other and material shared. We discourage sharing explicit memories of past abuse. We feel that processing memories be done with professionals. There are no practicing therapists on these forums. Therefore, topics that call for therapist type responses are discouraged.

Feel free to look around. Realize that, as a guest, your view of the forums is minimal. These forums are otherwise private to the public view and/or search engines.

We have literally hundreds of articles and provide workshops for everyone. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions. I am also providing a tutorial that should help with navigating our site.

The very best to you,
Felicity Lee

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New version of book being offered

5,000+ Posts
5,000+ Posts

New version of book being offered Empty New version of book being offered

Post by Morgan on 4/5/2017, 7:36 am

After a great deal of consideration I decided to pull The Tears Will Cease and its accompanying workbook and rewrite them into one book with a much better focused format. It will be available on a popular website starting April 7, 2017 in both paperback and Kindle formats. I have included below the promotional article I wrote for this work. Thanks, Morgan

New version of book being offered New_ve10

The Tears Will Cease: Recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder

Authors: Shirley J. Davis and Jessica J. Baker

Authored by a person with lived experience with Dissociative Identity Disorder, The Tears Will Cease is written to help guide others living with the diagnosis to navigate the maze of confusing challenges experienced during recovery. The book is written in an easy to understand format so that anyone, whether a professional or not, can follow along. Included are thought provoking questions as well as the Author’s personal experiences.

An excerpt from this work:
The Beginning of Therapy
The Memories Return
Normally when humans become frightened they will secrete specialized hormones into their bodies to ready them both physically and mentally for fight, flight or freeze. Then, after the danger has passed, these very important hormones will drain away. In horribly abused children who are under constant threat, however, these chemicals never completely drain and their developing brains become unable to process memory correctly. (In fact, the amygdalae and hippocampi, the regions responsible for processing and storing of memories, of adult survivors are often smaller in volume.) As a result of these brain changes, memories of abuse can become compartmentalized and split off from the conscious. Later in life, (usually between ages 30-40 depending on your DNA makeup), human brains mature and those memories once kept separate are suddenly accessible and tend to surface on their own. This can cause havoc to the emotional health of the survivor.

The phenomenon of being flooded by memories can be compared to vomiting as the things that have been forgotten   are relived, via flashbacks, unbidden and without warning. Because these memories are so disturbing, it is important to learn and practice coping skills to mitigate their effects on the survivor’s life.  

Author’s Personal Perspective:

When I first began to recovery the memories of what happened to me as a child was overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts and physical sensations. I began to do research online to help me understand why I was remembering these things now (I was 30) and felt quite relieved when I learned that I wasn’t weird, but that my brain had reached a point of maturity.

Before long, I realized I could not handle the emotional turmoil I was experiencing, so I sought help. I found a great Therapist and we began my trip down the road less traveled.

My Therapist began to help me learn techniques and skills to calm myself down such as coloring, painting, and reading. She taught me that I needed to climb out of my trauma and take a vacation from myself.

The Memories Return
Question 1:

What did you learn about how human brains function? Had you ever thought of your brain as being fundamentally different from others who have not experienced severe abuse as children?

Question 2:

Do you believe it is time (if you have not already) to seek the help of a Professional?

Question 3:

What kinds of things are you doing to help calm down and to take a vacation from yourself?

Author’s Suggestions

Question 1

Stress hormones are a normal part of how the human brain handles danger; Stress hormones are responsible for getting our bodies ready for fight, flight or freeze; The brains of people who have been severely abused have been altered by these hormones.

Question 2

I would wholeheartedly suggest that anyone who is reading this book and is recovering from severe trauma issues to seek the help of a competent Therapist.

Question 3

• Writing in a journal or a short story
• Taking long walks outdoors
• Watching a funny movie
• There are any number of positive and uplifting things to do!
Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

New version of book being offered Empty Re: New version of book being offered

Post by felicity on 4/5/2017, 8:46 am

That sounds wonderful - 2 more days - thanks so much.

New version of book being offered Poly10 New version of book being offered Signat10

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