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"Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

"Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective Empty "Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective

Post by felicity on 3/10/2017, 11:38 am

Today, I read an article on Linkedin:  "STOP Feeding the LinkedIn Trolls –They Want YOU To Get Upset."  Article

Over the past decade, I have posted one after the other of articles concerning 'trolls', 'safety on the internet', etc.  The warning 'Don't Feed the Trolls' has been around for as long as social media.  But, the attitude that 'anything goes' on the internet has become increasingly acceptable where trolls have actually become accepted and even, glamorized for their outrageous and manipulative behavior.  I have always been aware that folks have difficulty recognizing who are trolls and who are not.  For instance, research suggests that internet trolls were found to exhibit three major 'dark' psychological traits:

Erin E. Buckelsa, , , Paul D. Trapnellb, Delroy L. Paulhusc wrote:

Sadism: A personality disorder in which an individual derives pleasure from the suffering of others.

Narcissism: Involves an obsessive interest in your own appearance, extreme selfishness and a craving to be admired by others.

Psychopathy: A complex spectrum disorder which typically includes a lack of empathy or remorse as well as antisocial behaviour.

Accordingly, these are people with severe psychological disorders and a need to feel in control of others.  And, they have literally taken over the internet - as I have watched it happen.  They run forums/fb groups/blogs, have loyal followers, and blame everyone else who gets in their way of being a 'troll'.  They create chaos wherever they go - and, people seem addicted to the drama that they cause.  

How does one avoid getting 'involved' with or 'carried away' with trolls - feeding them for decades now?

This question brings me back to the linkedin article that I read.  It seems that people are so tired of dealing with them that the 'victims' of their antics are now being held responsible for their own behavior.  

As we all know, employers and other folks are reading social media as a way to determine our ability to work positively with others.  And, social media sites are beginning to make comments that we post public.  Anonymous or not, what you post can never be 'removed' from the internet.  So, if you decide to fall into drama thinking that there are no consequences for 'your' behavior, begin to think again.  You may believe that you are a victim, but you have 'chosen' to fall under the spell of some psychopath that you don't even know rather than walk away.  This is a clear indication that you are not able to hold any position where you can control your own impulses to follow into gossip, drama, and possibly even become a troll yourself.  There are no excuses for behaving negatively on the internet.  

These rules will keep you safe from ruining your reputation on the internet - and, steer clear from trolls' who are out to manipulate you:  

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/stop-feeding-linkedin-trolls-want-you-get-upset-loribeth-pierson?trk=v-feed&trk=v-feed&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_recent_activity_details_all%3BEP2otLevC9RiRwG1WyE1Xg%3D%3D[/mention] wrote:Simple Rules To Follow;

No attacking other people for their personal beliefs.

No attacking other people for their political beliefs.

No insults (NONE).

No offensive images.

No crude or vulgar language.

Stop telling people how to live their lives.

It’s really simple don’t feed the trolls here on LinkedIn or any other social media site. Ignore them and if it is your post or update, delete them. Unfollow them and move on, they are really not worth it. Be the bigger person and choose kindness.

Find the good and comment on that. Choose to make today a blessing not a curse.

I found this article valuable.  I have finally stopped trying to deal with trolls and do the same.  I simply don't have time to deal with negative people or those attempting to gain attention through manipulation, gossip, chaos, etc.  And, I am able to see now that there is no other way to avoid them, but to just take them out of my line of sight.  They have no power to affect those who STOP feeding them.  

Allow yourself to enjoy the internet for all the positive interaction that can be found.

"Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective Poly10 "Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective Signat10
5,000+ Posts
5,000+ Posts

"Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective Empty Re: "Don't Feed the Trolls" - Yesterday and Today - A Historical Perspective

Post by Morgan on 3/11/2017, 3:04 pm

Very good advise Felicity. Thank you. Morgan

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